Non-Commercial Projects

Turambar Software also develops, or contributes to, the following:

Virtual Gait Laboratory (VGL)

March 2008 - Present

The VGL is a virtual environment being used to assist research into Parkinson's Disease. Using the VGL we are attempting to understand the causes for the symptoms of 'freezing of gait', where sufferers of the disease become unable to walk for no apparent reason.

The research is being conducted by Dr Simon Lewis of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney, Australia).

The technologies used for creation of the virtual environment are:

For full information on the VGL please visit the project page on this site.

The Enhanced Militarized Zone

April 2005 - Present

This project is a modification (mod) of the game Doom 3 from id Software.

During development of Doom 3 it had always been stated that the focus would be on single player gameplay. Relatively late on in the project, however, multiplayer online and LAN play was included.

While the underlying networking implementation was robust there were several flaws in the actual game play and very few of the features were available that online players now take for granted in a multiplayer title. Some of the flaws were addressed in subsequent patch releases but no significant changes to the basic features were made.

The Enhanced Militarized Zone (EMZ) was created to add the "missing" features and fix as many of the remaining faults as possible. Its development was guided by the needs of the online Doom 3 community and the desire to experiment with the technologies provided by the Doom 3 engine (idTech4).

The technologies used in EMZ development are as follows:

For full information on EMZ visit the website.

Scared Pixel Studios

June 2006 - Present

Scared Pixel Studios have created several Doom 3 based mods, with a focus on enhancing the online multiplayer experience. Turambar Software has provided programming assistance on the following SPS projects:

For more information on SPS visit the website.

idTech4 Mod Community Support

February 2005 - Present

There is a small, but active and inventive, online idTech4 mod community at Doom3world. The range of topics covered by idTech4 is wide, but where possible I like to assist with the following especially:

For more information on D3W visit the forums.

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